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StarVision: Proudly presents 
"Revere 30R"

What is Revere 30R?
Revere 30R is a pain free - Full FDA compliant red laser technology phototherapy lasercomb system, for shedding and thinning hair.

Why does hair fall out?
Are you familiar with the term Dihydrotestosterone, otherwise known as DHT? DHT causes hair follicles to stop producing the thick, healthy hair you once had. Follicles become clogged with unhealthy debris and nutrients clogging cellular waste products.

How does the Revere 30R work? 
It's all about the wavelength that targets the hair follicles. The standard 650nm @ 5mW creates a low and safe non destructive heat energy source stimulating the hair follicles.

Setting the O.R.C. lasers at deeper or wider doesn't change the standard 5mW. The wavelength is still running at 650nm.

The laser system involves you to a select the thinning area you wish to treat. Take the control using the manual lasercomb, and treat your hair loss and re-growth. The red laser technology has been clinically proven to rejuvenate hair growth in 93% of those studied.

Are there any side effects?
No. There are no short or long term side effects with the Laser Hair Therapy class IIIA laser system; it is FDA approved for cosmetic use.​
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As seen on TV the 
"Revere 30R" red laser 
hair restoration system.
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Does it hurt?
No. There is no pain associated with any aspect of red laser technology. The system is a Low level red laser, without a thermal component. Stimulating the hair follicles within the scalp during consistent use, during the process you will increase in blood flow in your scalp and hair follicles.
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How soon will I begin to see results?
In four to six months you will begin to see noticeable improvement. Each person's response varies on an individual basis, depending on their personal hair loss history. Although It may take longer for some that are looking for optimal results.

What is the FDA standard?
Revere 30R is 100% FDA red laser compliant running at 650nm 
@ 5mW.

Therapy time needed?
Revere 30R only requires 12 minutes every other day.
Use as long as you continue seeing results. 

Using Deeper or Wider Settings?
Revere 30R Ultra Lasers are equipped with O.R.C. (Optic Range Control) this is not just an adjustable laser focus lens, but a depth controller. This allows the user to adjust the lasers, and set them for deeper or wider penetration.

Only Ultra lasers will give you the benefit of using the deeper laser setting. The deeper beam setting adds a bit more intensity to the strength of the beam, thus giving you the advantage over other lasercombs. Its all about increasing the blood flow into your scalp and hair follicles, thus stimulating your hair follicles back to its original "Anagen" state. This does NOT change the 5mW being used, and does NOT change the wavelength of the laser it still runs at 650nm.

Note: Always keep the lasercomb in motion. 

Lasercomb or Brush Bristles:
Lasercomb is nothing more than a blanket term. It's all about the standard FDA compliant red lasers. Our red lasers are set into a brush unit. 

Bristles add safety & follicle stimulation:
Using the unique brush bristles, don't just add a safety distance from your scalp to the laser source, but also stimulates your hair follicles as you massage the bristles allow your hair follicles.   

Do's and Don'ts:
Never Never - leave a lasercomb just burning on one area. For best results, you should always keep the lasers moving, no matter what setting you select, from deeper or wider.

Don't over use the red laser system, only 12 minute treatment time needed to work correctly.

Why laser systems vary?
Treatment times vary from system to system. Some require 30 minutes per treatment. Why? Because they use a weaker laser beam. Our system uses the 910 Laser boards, which makes a stronger light beam compared to most of our competitors. Results: The Revere 30R only requires 12 minutes per treatment time.

Treatment schedule:
Unit should be used only every other day. Giving the hair follicles a day of rest from laser treatment. Remember, you're only trying to stimulate your hair follicles back to life.

Note: Red Laser Technology doesn't actually create new hair follicles, rather it helps to break down "DHT" and stimulate your hair follicles back to a healthy "Anagen" state, thus re-growing it.

How long can I use it?  
Since there are no side effects using "Red Laser Technology" you can use the Revere 30R for as long as you see results.

How to use unit:  
The unit is placed on the thinning area, and using the bristles massage that area for about 4 seconds then slowly move about a half inch towards the other area needed, etc... Note: Always keep the unit moving even if very slightly

When could I see my hair getting thicker?  
Depending on the person you may see changes within 4 to 6 months. Real hair changes (thickness, less shedding, re-growth) happen usually around 6 to 8 months. Note: If any company out there says "You will grow back all your hair within 3 to 4 months!"  THIS IS A LIE!!!!  Red Laser Technology takes time, it is a safe, but slow process. You must be patient.

What is FUE?  
FUE is a surgery process that may cost $10,000 
However, the Revere 30R only cost hundreds.  
With surgery there is down time, Red Lasers... No down time.

What is DHT shampoo?  
In 2009 the FDA approved "Ketoconazole" shampoo as a Ingredient that inhibits DHT. DHT, or called Dihydrotestosterone, as the leading cause for hair loss found in men and women.