M.S. Recording & Sound Studios in Salisbury Massachusetts.
Post Production Studio
Services include; 
Audio, Video, Film, and Print.

MSRecording.com  (978)462-8765

We provide all production for the Regional Chronicles TV Program (shown on Rtv WMFP, WZMY, WBIN.) 

• Full Audio Production: 
For song writers, bands, to movie scores, voice-over-work too. (as well as foley sound fx) from that FAT Analog Sound to Digital Editing, we do it all for over 20 years (with many awards to prove our quality.) Duplications too.

• Video Production: 
HD Quality making commercials for clients: 
Brothers, SeaView Retreat, Pet City, Angelina's Pizza, HomeExerciseCoach.com, Richard's Maytag, Vivax, Emerson, Gray's Garage, Leo's Super Bowl, Sylvan Street Grill, USAi.net, etc..

• Film Production:
We provide 16mm single perf to four perf 35mm production.
D.I. workflow from the DataImager 2k - 4k images. 
For the Indie film maker to serious commercial production 
(and still keeping you within budget too.) 
Our feature film "A Reason for Everything" 

• Printing Service: 
Business Cards, Posters, to Billboards.
From original design work, to restoring old photos. 
Full color separations for printing press call for quot. 

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